In 2010, Jerry Jackson had a vision of a new kind of salon: a place where hairdressers could provide completely bespoke services to their clients. This salon would celebrate the artistry and creativity of its stylists, while continuously striving to elevate their craft. Jerry, always the visionary, thought of the salon’s tag line before the salon’s name: “Hair is fabric, we are tailors.” With this ethos in mind, Paisley & Stripe was born. 

A year after Paisley & Stripe opened in Overland Park, Penny Strasser-Tuckel joined the team. Penny similarly wanted to redefine the salon experience, for both clients and hairdressers. Despite the fact that they were seemingly opposite in their natures (Jerry always thinking “big-picture” and Penny carefully considering the details), the two stylists knew that their collegiality could blossom into a partnership. In 2016, Penny spearheaded the opening of a second location in Lawrence, Kansas. It was then that our Prep School program also took flight, allowing Penny to use her talents for mentorship to help develop the next generation of professionals.

Today, our dream of building a new kind of salon is very much a reality. We provide monthly education sessions for our stylists and weekly trainings for members of our Prep School program. We stay abreast of all new trends and techniques and aim to be the experts in our field. We strive to demystify the salon experience for our clients and create a uniquely welcoming atmosphere. Our clients aren’t just our guests, they’re our partners in creation. Our stylists aren’t just our employees, they’re our family. And for our stylists, this isn’t just a career. It’s a passion.  

Welcome to our salon. 

We can’t wait to work with you.


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