**JANUARY 30TH 2019: We are so sorry for any inconvenience – we are experiencing difficulty at our OVERLAND PARK LOCATION with our phone and internet systems at this time. Our online booking system is down AT BOTH LOCATIONS as we are transitioning to a new booking system. If you need to contact the OP salon, please give us a call 913.469.4247 and leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as we can! Thank you for understanding***


          We believe that style trumps fashion.
Hair looks best when it’s tailored to suit you.
          We love natural texture.
Straight, curly, or in between, we want to help you enhance it, control it, come to terms with it and maybe even make peace with it.
          We’re all about hair color.
Whether it’s believable or unbelievable, we think about, dream about and fantasize about hair color. If you want highlights that are barely a whisper, or a vivid color that screams for attention, we can help your hair find it’s voice. 

          When it comes to hair, we’re experts, we’re nerds and we’re not afraid to try something new, are you?