When it comes to cutting and coloring hair, we are the experts. It's what we do; it's who we are.

The most important service that we provide is consultation. We want to understand you and your hair. Together, we can build a road map to get you where you want to go. We’re happy to schedule some time with you to talk about your vision, complimentary.



CURLY CUTS: $45-80

The prices listed below include consultation, application, shampoo and blowout. All color clients will also be charged for the cost of the color used in their service. This fee is exactly calculated based on the weight of the color used to achieve their tailored look. By separating the cost of color and the cost of service, you only pay for exactly how much product is used. Just like our services, our prices are tailored to each, individual client.

A root touch up, a root touch up + lowlight, and a roots to ends all-over-color application fall under this category. Typically this is grey coverage, going darker, or enhancing current color.

  • Level 1: $55+
  • Level 2: $65+
  • Level 3: $75+
  • Level 4: $85+

Balayage/hand-painted highlights, foil/weave highlights, and dimensional color fall under this category and almost always need a glaze as an added service. If you need highlights with a root color touch up, the root touch up is an added service.

Face Framing

      • Level 1: $45+
      • Level 2: $50+
      • Level 3: $55+
      • Level 4: $60+


      • Level 1: $85+
      • Level 2: $95+
      • Level 3: $105+
      • Level 4: $115+


      • Level 1: $110+
      • Level 2: $120+
      • Level 3: $130+
      • Level 4: $140+

LIGHTEN AND TONE Please book a complimentary consultation for price.
This is solid all over lightening, typically for blondes but can also include a major all over color shift (ex. brown to red). This is the only service that includes the toner. Lighten and tone retouch services are for those existing clients currently coming in every 4-6 weeks for root touch ups.

GLAZE $25 and up
A quick glossing of color, usually done at the shampoo bowl, to refresh, neutralize, or change the tone of the hair. Can be a stand alone treatment with a blowout or an add on service for single process color and highlights.

***If you are considering a major color change or if your hair is in need of color correction, we require that you call for a complimentary consultation prior to booking. We want to set aside the proper amount of time to provide you the best possible outcome.***

Hair extensions can provide length and/or density. At Paisley & Stripe we only use hair extension techniques that won’t cause excessive damage to your hair and are comfortable to wear. We use premium human hair for ultimate results.

Please make an appointment for a complimentary consultation to determine if hair extensions are right for you and for pricing.

We require a non-refundable deposit for scheduling this service.

We believe in maintaining the integrity of the hair above all else. These are some of the ways we can do so.


Designed to address wiry or tangled hair with low to medium damage. This 15 minute treatment smoothes the hair cuticle and seals in hydration. Your hair will be detangled and polished for up to 5 weeks. We have formulations for fine, medium or coarse hair and this service includes four vials of an at-home weekly booster. This service includes four vials of an at-home weekly booster.


Moisture by Milbon treats dull, dry or porous hair with low to medium damage that’s in need of extra hydration or a boost in color vibrancy. This 15 minute treatment deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair, restoring it from the inside out, without adding weight. This service includes four vials of an at-home weekly booster.


Repair by Milbon is the perfect answer to dry, over-processed hair exhibiting damage such as breakage, brittleness or a cotton-candy like texture. Repair reconstructs hair improving uniformity and smoothness. This service includes four vials of an at-home weekly booster.


This treatment promotes curl definition and minimizes frizz in wavy or curly hair. Moisture is locked in and a barrier shields hair from external humidity. This service includes four vials of an at-home weekly booster.


Scalp is Milbon’s answer to a range of scalp issues – from itchiness and dandruff to dryness or oiliness and even odor. This 30 min. service cleanses and conditions to remove excess fatty acids, yielding to a more balanced scalp. 


This is an internal hair treatment. it can be a stand alone service or an add- on to color and cutting services. Bond builders repair, strengthen and reinforce the bonds in your hair, making your hair the best it can be. We also carry take-home treatments.

Eyebrows $18

Lip and chin $18

Professional blow-out starting at $35 

Specialty styling, including up-do’s, down-do’s and braiding $50 and up

Pricing for on location styling is available upon request.

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