Nicole Mccoy

Level 2 stylist

Favorite way to spend your day off? What does that look even like for a single mom.. well laundry & playing catch up! But if I have any free time I like to play the guitar & piano!

Your greatest accomplishment? My children, they give me the motivation to accomplish anything! 

Something you want all of your clients to know about you? I am not afraid to try something “new” nor am I afraid to let you know what will or wont work! I am who I am & I want you to feel comfortable being EXACTLY who you are when you’re in my chair!

Favorite product combination? R+Co Zig Zag! It gives my hair the volume & texture it needs, without it my hair would just be fine & limp!

What is your favorite service to provide? Anything that makes me feel creative, from new fun funky color to a bold new haircut! I also love love love curly haircuts!

Years of experience in the field?  22 years!

Long, Short, Texture Cuts
Highlights and Blonding
Curly Specific Haircuts
Vivid Colors
In-Salon Treatments
Base Colors

Accepting New Clients
Instagram: @hairistherapy

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