What is one thing you want your clients to know about you? My approach to help find your style is more pragmatic than artistic! 
What is your favorite service to provide? Anything that doesn’t require the use of a round brush!
What’s your favorite styling product? Oligo Clarifying Shampoo!
Do you have any hobbies? Probably too many… yoga, pickle-ball, archery, flow arts, ballroom dancing – I’ll try almost anything once!
It’s a Friday night. What are you up to? Most likely organizing something (again) – the pantry, my desk, my music library, a hall closet, you name it!
How many years of experience do you have? Long enough to see my middle school clients graduate college!

Any Length, Any Texture Cuts
Clipper Cuts
Highlights & Base color (for existing clients only)


Accepting New Clients
Instagram: @hairguywithabowtie


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