Brylee Young

Level 2 stylist

Favorite local restaurant? Merchants, some say its overrated but the brussel sprouts hit every time!

TV show you can’t stop watching? The Last of Us! It’s so well cast and written

Favorite book? I definitely don’t read as much as I’d like, but any mystery usually draws me in!

Favorite product? Hands down, Tonik by Cult + King

What is your favorite service to provide? I love big transformations & seeing my clients get excited about having the hair they’ve been dreaming about! I also enjoy really tailored hair cuts!!

Years of experience in the field?  almost 4 years!

  • Highlights/Lightening
  • Base Color
  • All Over/Signature Color
  • Color Blocking/Alternative Placement Colors
  • Vivids
  • Scissor/Razor Haircut
  • Curly Haircut
  • Masque Treatments!

Accepting New Clients
Instagram: @hairbybryles


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