Cutting for a Cause


TIME: 10AM – 3PM

Minimum donation to receive haircut: $45
Appointments encouraged; Walk-ins welcome. Call 913.469.4247 for appointments.
On Sunday, January 21st, 2018, Paisley & Stripe salons (both Overland Park & Lawrence) will be hosting haircutting benefits for StopGap Inc.’s Lighthouse Project.

We are providing haircuts, for a minimum $45 donation, from 10AM-3PM. Appointments are encouraged if you would like to request a service provider or secure a time-slot, otherwise walk-ins are welcome.

StopGap Inc. was founded by Justine Burton, a former foster child herself, to assist those who are exiting the foster care system, provide them with the skills they need to transition into society, and avoid the serious risks of poverty, homelessness, and exploitation.

100% of our proceeds will be directed to StopGap Inc. These donations offers at-risk youth in our community an opportunity to have a safe environment to learn to be productive members of society, to receive the kind of support they deserve, and learn valuable life-skills in a safe place they can call their own.

Justine has an ultimate goal to raise $350,000 for the “The Lighthouse” Project. The Lighthouse will be an 18-24 month transitional living program including a living facility. These funds are necessary to obtain the facility, as well as outfit and staff a safe, secure, supportive environment.

We are asking for a minimum $45 donation from guests who receive cuts but are happily accepting any monetary donation from people not receiving services as well; every dollar makes a difference.

We hope to see you there! Please contact us to reserve an appointment or with any questions at OVERLAND PARK > 913-469-4247 or LAWRENCE > 785-551-7222.

We’re in Labor

We are so excited to announce the birth of another Paisley & Stripe!

And we are calling it Paisley & Stripe West.

The due date is Friday, May 13th, 2016 and is located on the corner of 9th and Illinois in Lawrence, KS.

We’re working hard to ensure that we maintain the same vibe/brand/culture/mojo that you’ve come to know and love. Penny Strasser-Tuckel, one of our current stylists, is co-owner and manger of the Lawrence location. There is no doubt that Penny and her crew will represent the Paisley & Stripe philosophies and provide unparalleled service to the Lawrence market.

At Paisley & Stripe, we love what we do. We want to share that passion with the world, or at least Northeast Kansas. So, if you have any friends or family that live in the Lawrence area, please let them know about Paisley & Stripe West. And if you’re in the area and just want to stop by to check it out, be our guest. We’d love to see you there.


If you’re like us, you’ve discovered some of the amazing benefits of coconut oil. This versatile tropical oil, that was once considered taboo, is now being touted as a “superfood”. This oil was once demonized because of it’s heavy concentration of saturated fat (almost 90%).

New data is showing that saturated fats are harmless and that the whole “artery-clogging” idea was just plain wrong. The saturated fats contained in coconut oil are different from your run-of- the-mill saturated fats that you’d find in cheese or red meat. Therefore, they are metabolized differently.

Some sources say that it’s unique combination of fatty acids can have a profound effect on our health and well being. Claims include weight loss, better brain function as well as many other amazing benefits.

Not only are people cooking with and consuming coconut oil for it’s health benefits, many are applying it topically. By rubbing it onto the skin, coconut oil can reduce the appearance of fine lines and make dry skin look healthier and more moisturized. We’ve heard of people using it for chapped lips, to remove make-up, personal lubricant (right!?), and as a conditioner for their hair.

Here’s the things you need to know about using it on your hair. Coconut oil, applied to hair, has been shown to block about 20% of the sun’s rays. So, in a way, it may have some sunscreen-like benefits. And it may also reduce the APPEARANCE of dry hair by making it look shinier…at the risk of making it look greasy.

What it won’t do, however, is repair damaged hair. Damaged hair usually has two different things going on. One is external (missing or roughened cuticle layer), and the other is internal (broken disulfide bonds). The hair-tailors at Paisley & Stripe can help with both problems.

We can analyze and recommend state-of-the-art treatments that will heal the real problems your hair faces instead of just cosmetically masking them. We offer treatments that soothe and seal the cuticle layer (for up to a month), and others that use nano and polymer technology to restore the disulfide bonds within your hair.

The bottom line is this, we love coconut oil. If you’ve never tried making popcorn with it, you’re missing out on a real treat. When it comes to repairing damaged hair, however, let us help you with technology that’ll knock your socks off. That way, you can have beautiful, healthy hair while snacking on amazingly tasty, and healthy, popcorn.