Do you have any pets? I have one perfect cat named Luna. She’s sassy and sweet!                      

Favorite local eatery? Mesob! Caribbean and Ethiopian food!

Most recent art project? I’m on a knitting socks kick! 

Favorite shampoo/conditioner? Afterworld Organics Hair Glow

What is your favorite service to provide? Handpainted highlights and natural, lived-in color

Years of experience in the field? 7 years


Long, Short, and Texture Cuts
Clipper Cuts (By Request)                                                                                                                            Color Correction (By Consult)                                                                                                                        Vivid Colors (By Consult)
Natural Color/Grey Coverage and Blending
Highlights and Blonding
In-Salon Reparative Treatments
Blowouts/Style (Existing Clients Only)

Accepting New Clients
Instagram: @garrrdendale


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