Alex Cedeño
Hair Tailor

Instagram :: @alex.paisleyandstripewest

Background :: ARROJO Cosmetology School 2013
P&S since Oct 2016
Ask me about my continued education!

Focus(es) ::
keratin complex smoothing treatments
bridal/occasion services.

How I got into the industry ::
I have wanted to be in this industry for as long as I can remember. My hair was always my freedom of expression, and the one thing I could always feel confident about. Once I was at an age where I could work, I took a job as a receptionist at a salon, and never looked back. I loved the idea of meeting people from every walk of life, empowering one another, and coming together to celebrate beauty, confidence, strength, and HAIR!

Hobbies + Passions ::
working up a sweat at the gym
hitting up the local record store
enjoying a cocktail from time to time