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Oribe-Shop Now

Coveted by celebrities, beauty editors, and fashion mavens alike, Oribe is the perfect balance of luxury, treatment, and style. Each of these amazing products contains skin-care grade ingredients that rebuild and nourish your hair with every use. If you’re plagued with dry, damaged, or aging hair, or if you aim to keep your hair young and lustrous, then Oribe is your new BFF.

R+Co-Shop Now

Trendy, innovative, and fun, R+CO offers hair-care products that make you feel like a model walking the runway. This line was formulated by the beauty industry’s top hairdressers to deliver prepped and camera-ready hair for editorial photoshoots, fashion shows, and for the clients in their chairs. Each formula does exactly what it says it does. When you want to look like a million, without spending a million, reach for R+CO. Oh, and get ready for your close-up.

V76-Shop Now

Formulated for men, or handsome women, this line of grooming products are formulated to work without hassle. The genius’ at V76 have infused subtle scents that don’t overwhelm into every bottle, tube and tub; masculine without being too macho. This range offers haircare, body-care and shaving formulas. Grab a couple of V76 products and get your groom on!